Less hassle and more flavour just because Dinnerly has got divine taste!

Summers always call for amazing and tasty food because usually, we have vacations or holidays going on. It was that time of my summer holidays when I went to stay at my grandmother’s house up in the north and I came across the Dinnerly Promo Codes that my cousins told me about. They told me how it has been convenient and valuable for them to be ordering meals from Dinnerly Australia’s online store. However, I had my doubts so I had to look out for more reviews. It was beyond my expectations when I read the reviews and got the latest promo code.

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We were all having our summer holidays, so a lot of movie nights do call for perfect meals as well. I am a rice lover, Talking about my meal kit, I ordered chicken cheese rice with broccoli, tomato and extra cheese topping on them. For that, I had options to choose over my toppings.

I saw online on their store that how they have been focusing on flavours rather than the amount of dishes. Quality mattered more to them than that of quantity of dishes. My order came with attachment such as six ingredients per dish means, less fuss and more flavour which made me really anxious to look up for more dishes! When this one arrived right at my door step, I was in an awe!

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My friend has shared her good experience with dinnerly in her blog.

It came hot as if it was just taken off from the stove and secondly, it tasted divine! The time that they took for delivering my order right on my door step was one hour and 45 minutes after I made my order online. Also, I could track my order when it left for delivery.

As the first order we made had chicken and cheese in it, so for the second order, everyone’s preference was to have something nimbler such as vegetables or lighter toppings.

So, I selected these heavenly tasting egg fried vegetable rice and I was in love with them right after taking my first bite off from the dish. As we had rice in both the dishes, the best thing was that for this dish they had a totally different taste of rice which was not at all similar to the taste of first dish.

This made us even happier because, there is never a sense of ordering the dishes that could have the same taste! That’s why, they do distinguish their taste according to the taste buds of their customers.

We selected this item from the thirty minute recipe menu so that we could have something tastier without waiting too much for the order to reach. They had specifications that this meal was kid friendly because of which, we ordered it easily as we also had kids around at home at that hour who were really hungry and were waiting for food as along with us the adults! It was so much fun receiving our orders from their online store and that too within the promised time and never have we ever had such a great experience with them before! Nevertheless, what could be more enchanting than getting food at affordable rates? To find out more about their affordable rates you can read here.

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